Story Telling Keeps Continuing to Spread the Message

Story Telling Keeps Continuing to Spread the Message

Story telling to spread the message about orangutan and their forest homes keeps continuing. This time, an environmental concept school in Medan, Sekolah Alam Bukit Hijau, kindly hosted us for one day visit. In fact, this story telling visit was special request by them as part of their school event.


The event was started with the performance of the students


This school is special as they apply the environmental concept to each of the subject to the students. The children were happily ran in quite a large green yard. The air was fresh as the school were surrounded by many variety of trees. By the time I stepped on the stage, all of the children looked at me in wonder. As usual, I began the story telling with singing and introducing the puppet that I brought, named Oci (Orangutan Kecil translated little orangutan). A character that I made to tell the story of Orangutan in Leuser Ecosytem.


Story telling brought by Me


Children are the future. And the fondness towards the conservation has to be start as earliest as possible. Keep supporting us,,,