The Tiger Poaching Case Meets The Ending

The Tiger Poaching Case Meets The Ending
Wildlife should be roaring in the wild, tragicly some of them has to be ended by set on fire
Several stuffed wildlife animals were set on fire by the North Sumatran Prosecutors on 7th January 2018. OIC was invited to witness the event, as one of the stuffed animals was a carcass of a female Sumatran tiger, the evidence from poaching case in August 2017.
The head of North Sumatran conservation agency was giving speech before the demolishing started
Demolition of stuffed wildlife animals is part of the process once a certain forest criminal case is closed. The demolition itself is attended by Enforcement Criminal Wildlife Department (GAKKUM), North Sumatran Conservation Agency, Gunung Leuser National Park authority, North Sumatran Prosecutor’s Department and North Sumatran Police Department.It is such a tragic reality that this beautiful creature must be ended this way. Another reason why that everybody should have concern and spread the awareness upon the issue of Rainforest conservation.
Such a tragic reality that these magnificent wildlife must have this particular ending


OIC believes that active collaboration with respective government authority would ensure the path towards the good practice of law enforcement could come true. Law enforcement is not the work of one organization only, indeed it can only be realized through good coordination, transparency, and strong wills from every party involved.