The Week of Seedling Production in Cinta Raja Restoration Site

The Week of Seedling Production in Cinta Raja Restoration Site
40.000 seedlings on the way


As the water dropped and touched the soil, it was like a symphony to the natural regeneration. This September, the symphony plays in harmony in OIC’s Cinta Raja Restoration site. The symphony continues during this week’s production of the seedling.

The local people took their parts in the week of seedling production in Cinta Raja Restoration Site


This week, our Cinta Raja restoration’s staff is on mission to produce 40.000 seedlings. Getting help by local people, they are working together to hit the target. As OIC always do, trying to get the support of the local people is the important key for any conservation project. They are given the opportunity to get the additional income that can be substantial for them. House wives, who mostly spend their time at home, are invited to work to fill the polybags with soil and collecting the seedling from wildings. In return, they get paid for each of the filled polybags and the collected seedlings.

This is a way of OIC gaining the trust from local people about the work we do in the restoration site. Not to mention to encourage their participation on the work, so they can feel the sense of belonging towards the restoration project as they get involved from scratch. Due to the fact they live around the area, so they will play the most important role to protect it and keep its sustainability. Working together, hand in hand, we believe that the vision of Cinta Raja restoration site to be a rainforest again is not too far ahead.