Welcoming the Dry Season with Optimism in Cinta Raja Restoration Site

Welcoming the Dry Season with Optimism in Cinta Raja Restoration Site

The dry season is one of the most difficult time during the restoration project implementation. With the condition of the open area, the heat’s intensity from the sun can’t be avoided. Not to mention, the dryness of the soil is the biggest challenge for the seedling to grow. As an ex-palm oil plantation, Cinta Raja restoration site has a quite dry and clayish soil condition. Thus, the restoration staff has to work harder to combat this challenge to help these seedlings to grow.


The dry seedlings in the nursery station


Having no rain for more than 3 weeks of this March, make the double works for the staff. As they have to repeat watering the seedlings to help them to survive the sun heat.  Monitoring total of the surviving seedling daily is also done to record the number of the died seedling. So far, 97% of the seedlings are surviving and growing well.


Rendy, one of Cinta Raja restoration site’s staff is watering the dry seedling


This March is the only beginning of the dry season of this year. A long way to go trough indeed. Our staffs are working hard together to ensure the growth of the seedlings and trees in Cinta Raja Restoration site. Because we know, with all of the loving support to these trees, they will grow strongly to strengthen the land. So keep supporting us and send the energy to these trees to grow from wherever you are.


One of the surviving tree