Welcoming the Raining Season in Cinta Raja Restoration site

Welcoming the Raining Season in Cinta Raja Restoration site
Before and after Cinta Raja restoration site


September, as the starting of the raining season here in Sumatera, is a busy time for our Cinta Raja restoration staff. As it is a perfect timing to plant as many trees to rebuild the once damaged forest. Up to this date, more than 75 hectares of 100 hectares of Cinta Raja restoration area have been planted so far. So far, 88000 trees have been planted within the area. From 2017 to now, 85% of the planted trees are managed to survive. It is indeed such please to us to see such a fast recovery of this area.


                   one of our staff with the germination tray

As the dry season is focused on the tree maintaining period, thus this time will be busier. From the seedlings production to tree planting are done during this month to the end of the year. Learning from a decade experience of conducting successful restoration site,  we learn that we have to be smart of managing the focus of the work related to the season. For sure, many trees would be harder to survive during the dry season. Thus, Wish us healthy and luck to keep working to restore this once damaged forest, back into a home to many wildlife once again.

the restoration staffs held the trees before planting them directly to the ground