When Fruit Season Often Being a Conflict Season

When Fruit Season Often Being a Conflict Season

Fruit season is awaited season for local farmers who live in the villages of Bahorok subdistrict as mostly they grow Durian as their fruit crops. This season is such a special season as a Durian tree only fruiting once in a year. Quite a long time for them to wait for sure.


Durian, one of the most favorite fruits for the orangutan


However, the season is not only favorable for the farmers. Needless to say, some wildlife also enjoy this particular season as well. Orangutan is one of them, as the matter of fact that Durian is one of their most favorite fruit.

As the location of this local people’s farmland is adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park area of Leuser Ecosystem, the unwanted conflict cannot be avoided to be happened. As the orangutan is often crossing into the farmland and eat the fruits. For sure, it puts the farmer in the hard situation as the have been waiting to get money from their crop from almost a year.



The leftover Durians ate by the orangutan in local people’s farmland in Bahorok district.


This September-December is the peak of the fruit season as well as the conflict season. This time, a local farmer who has a Durian farmland adjacent to the National Park area called the National Park Ranger upon the claiming of “orangutan disturbance”. Two of the National Park Ranger of Bahorok Resort came and visited the farmer. They checked and found some eaten fruit scattered around the farmland. As the solution, they teach the farmer to create loud noise from canon bamboo to lead them away. This method has been proven works well.


Some rangers from Gunung Leuser National Park authorities came to the local people’s farmland due to the “orangutan’s disturbance”


The conflict of human-orangutan is not a new issue as well as keep going on and on. Thus, it is important for the people to understand that many people can be done rather than “harming” the orangutan. Join us to spread the awareness!