Wildlife Monitoring in Cinta Raja Restoration Site

Wildlife Monitoring in Cinta Raja Restoration Site

Wildlife Monitoring in Cinta Raja Restoration Site

Wildlife monitoring plays a key role in assisting us at the OIC in gauging the progress of our conservation work and assessing any specific sites and/or species that may require our particular attention. Obviously, orangutan and orangutan nest sightings are huge indicators but there is so much more that can give answers to our questions. Building as comprehensive an idea as possible of what species are present, which are dominating and which are struggling can indicate whether the location is suitable orangutan habitat.


Gesti, the research manager of OIC was conducting the wildlife monitoring


This particular activity is done gradually from the very beginning of any restoration programme as the database to see stages of the program’s impact on the ecosystem recovery.  Last month, Gesti, OIC’s research manager put his attention to Cinta Raja restoration site as he wanted to see the progress of the restoration project by observing the wildlife around the restoration site. “This month, we succeeded to get some pictures of some wildlife around Cinta Raja restoration site. This data was taken by camera trap and DSLR camera. We got elephant’s picture, birds and deer. Personally, I would like to get more wildlife data but we are in need of more camera traps. The camera data that we have here is limited and we are hoping to get more. But for now, seeing more activities around Cinta Raja restoration site is a sign of how good the restoration programme is. “Gesti said.


One of the beautiful bird in Cinta Raja restoration site


Our Cinta Raja restoration site shows such a great progress indeed. However, we still need more support’s from everyone. Keep supporting us to bring back the forest for the wildlife.


Elephant’s picture from camera trap




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